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• 1 engraving machine
• 20 blank pads (can make 540 stamps)
• 540 assorted self inking blanks
• Optional computer
• The machine is a laser engraver and acts like a printer
• Any computer above a P3 will do (basically anything in your office should work)
• Attach a computer to it most probably through a USB port or the printer port
• The engraver comes with software for designing the stamp. Graphics (logos) can be scanned into the software and engraved into the stamp
• Through the software, "print" the design using the engraver as the printer
• EVA/PE/PU stamp blanks are sheets of rubber or polyurethane or polyethylene which is placed in the engraver and the engraver laser cuts the design. You then cut the finished stamp and glue it into the self inking blanks. the rest of the sheet of PE/PU can still be used.
• Storage life for the self inking blanks is forever and after you add ink, it's until the ink dries but then just add more ink whatever color.
• Indelible, regular, UV for security type stamps.

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